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From futuristic societies to thrilling mind-traps, we provide stories that transport readers into a different dimension of fantasia. Our ghost-writers at LibertyGhostWriting are native to a wide range of geographic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic background and is a contribution to our diverse service regime of writing fiction stories in a compelling approach.

A wide range of age-appropriate kids’ books to browse through

Want to develop a children’s book that will take youngsters on an unforgettable transformational journey through a fictional world. We provide graphically engaging and image-specific books for children of all ages.

Notification books that everyone can enjoy

Our ghost-writing experts have excellent knowledge, wisdom, intuition, and research skills, which are essential for developing notification books. Consultation from our team of professionals will provide you with a learning experience like none other.

Our research solutions will unlock your potential with the optimal learning experience.

We aim to provide educational beneficiaries to all societies with our excellent service regime of professional research that gives real-life learning, teaching, and assessment experience.

The most premium ghost-writing, editing/proofreading, and publishing services that you can find in the market

Having trouble formulating a storyline on an idea of great potential spinning in your head? If so, then LibertyGhostWriting is the domain for you.

Providing graphic novels for an idea of portraying an enthusiastic comic universe

For making a comic book intriguing to the target audience, our ghostwriters provide a visionary reflection for aligning the plot as an infographic story.

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Errors are a disgrace, so make sure there are none existent in your book.

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We can provide you with all things' authorship, from production to publication

Ebook Writing

Want to go digital with your book? Not an issue for us!

Book Marketing

Let your published book make a serious impact with our marketing tactics.

Copyrights Protection

Protecting the contents and identity of your book is essential

Author Website

We will make a distinct domain for your online presence and prevalence.

Professional Audio Book

The manner of narration will determine the persona of your audiobook.

Book Video Trailer

Get your astonishing book trailer from our award-winning designers.

Book Cover Design

We provide attractive book covers to catch the eyes of all reading enthusiasts.

Custom Book Illustration

Illustrations are a major aspect of your book, so don't compromise this feature.

Article Writing & Publication

If expanding knowledge is your motive, we suggest you do it right.

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I’m in serious debt of gratitude to the team of LibertyGhostWriting. I don’t think I would have even been able to complete my book with such an excellent and mind-blowing progression without the help I received. I can firmly say that in the end, it was all worth it. I was about to lose all hope in my book and its idea, and the professional consultancy I received helped me to think otherwise. Once again, I humbly thank the experts at LibertyGhostWriting and wish them their worthy flourishment.

Karen White After The Rain

I have had a wonderful experience under the leadership of your finest ghostwriters. Honestly, prior to their consultation, I thought my book and the idea I was pursuing was most average and couldn't result in anything extraordinary, but I was duly mistaken. The way they have enhanced my book is an unworldly transformation that I cannot even describe. I'm just so happy and satisfied with their expertise and recommend everyone to have a go with them.

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My god, I am just left speechless after having the first glimpse of my book. I had no idea that my idea had so much potential to be expanded in so many directions. Undoubtedly, I made the best decision in subscribing to your services. The workforce at LibertyGhostWriting is just profoundly thoughtful and considerate, and their expertise in creativity has left me with a learning experience that will serve me well throughout my future career. My most honest appreciation for the entire company will remain intact as they have literally helped me to kickstart my career in authorship on a solidified profile. Thank you once again.

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